Joke # 7 – The Homeless Man

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There was a man walking down the sidewalk when he was approached by a homeless man. The homeless man asked if he the man had a couple of dollars that he could spare.

The man said, “Yes, I think I have a couple of dollars to spare but I am afraid that you would spend it on Budweiser.”

The homeless man says, “No sir, I have given up drinking.”

The man thinks about it for a moment and then says, “I am afraid that if I gave you the money that you would spend it on gambling.”

The homeless man says, “No, I do not gamble. I have to save my money in order to survive.”

The man thinks about this for a minute and then says, “Well, I would give you the money but I am afraid you would spend it on golf fees.”

The homeless man again says, “No sir, I would not do that. I haven’t played golf in 20 years.”

The man thinks again and tells the homeless man that he is not going to give him money. Instead, he is going to take him to his house and have his wife fix him a nice home cooked meal and relax.

The homeless man thinks about this for a moment and then asks the man if his wife would get upset since he is dirty and unkempt. The man thinks and says to the homeless man, “No, I just want my wife to see what a man who has given up drinking, gambling and golf looks like.”

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