Joke # 41 – Duck Picnic

Two ducks decide to go camping. So they packed 2 picnic baskets, one with sandwiches and one with bottles of beer. They began walking. Hours and hours pass before they finally get to a spot they would enjoy camping at.

After settling down, they realize they had forgotten a bottle opener for the beer. The first duck says, “Why don’t you go back and get it and I’ll stay here.” The second duck responds, “No way I’ll go back and get it. When I get back you’ll have eaten all the sandwiches.” The first duck replies, “I promise I won’t touch them.”

So the second duck agrees and goes on his way. A day passes, then 2 then 5. After the 6th day, the first duck was hungry so decided to eat a sandwich. He opened the basket and began to eat a sandwich when the second duck pops his head up behind a rock and says, “I knew it! I’m not freakin’ goin’!!”

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