Joke # 40 – Precocious Parrots

A man goes into a pet store looking for a parrot. Upon entering the store he sees a bird with a price tag of one thousand dollars. He asks the shopkeeper why this bird was so expensive and the owner replied that the bird could run a computer. Well that IS a good deal if he can run a computer.

The guy looks around the store and sees another bird and the price tag on this one is two thousand dollars. The man asks the owner why this bird is so expensive. The owner replies that the bird is so expensive because he can also fix a computer.

Well that is also a pretty good deal thought the man. Then the man sees a third bird that is priced at  three thousand dollars. So he asks the owner again why this bird is so expensive. The owner replies, “I’ve never actually seen this bird do anything but the other two call him boss.”

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