Joke # 37 – The Dog and The Rabbit

My neighbor came to see my last weekend. He came to tell me that he had been seeing my dog trying to get into his rabbit cage. He told me that if my dog got his rabbit, he would kill my dog.

Yesterday as I was raking the leaves, I see my dog come trotting across the yard proudly displaying the little muddy rabbit in his mouth. My heart dropped! Seeing that my neighbor wasn’t home, I quickly grabbed the rabbit, took it inside and gave it a good washing. I blow dried it and brushed it and took the poor thing back to it’s cage.

A few hours later, my neighbor came home. I watched in horror as my neighbor went out to the rabbit’s cage. The neighbor then came knocking at my door. HeĀ  told me, “The darndest thing happened today,” I gulped. He said, “I got up this morning and found my rabbit died in his cage, so I took him out back and buried him, and darned if he ain’t back in his cage.”

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