Joke # 116 – Father and Son Camping Trip

A little boy and his dad went camping. They climbed a hill and went through the woods to find the perfect spot in a clearing near a stream. They set about pitching the tent. Then they went fishing, caught some fish, fried them on an open fire, then being tired climbed into the tent to go to sleep.

In the middle of the night, the little boy yelled, “Dad, Dad, wake up!” When the dad finally got his eyes opened the little boy exclaimed, “Dad, look up, what do you see?”

The dad looked up and said, “Why, Son, I see millions upon millions of gleaming stars.” The little boy said, “But, Dad, what do you see?” The dad figured he needed to be a bit more philosophical with the boy. So, he said, “Why, Son, I see that we are but a minute particle in a vast, unending universe that God has made for us to share in.”

The little boy sighed deeply and said, “Oh, Dad!” The dad said, “Well, what do you see, Son?” The little boy said, “I see that someone has taken our tent.”

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